Sunday, April 15, 2012

Heading South...Again

Well, back we go to hot, tropical terrain. After returning from Puerto Rico high on the adreniline of life and adventure, and a surprisingly manageable flight experience, I figured it was best to strike while the iron was hot and buy three more plane tickets.

This time the kids and I are heading down to Pina Vieja, Dominican Republic, to visit my mother-in-law for eight days. We haven't seen Abuela in over two years, so what better an opportunity to visit then when I'm feeling at my most courageous.

I am not exactly sure what the week will bring, but I think I can give a pretty good guess to say that there will be a lot of sitting around on Abuela's porch, rum and cokes, people watching on her tiny country road, and gossping about the neigbors. The kids will run through the dusty neighborhood with the other millions of children, communicating in that amazing way that kids who don't speak the same language can do.

I will read my books, eat rice and beans, and maybe go dancing once or twice. Mostly I'm happy to do nothing at all but soak up the smells, sights, and feeling of the country that has come to feel like home to me. Pretty much the quintessential good times as far as I'm concerned. Looking forward to it.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I am overwhelmed today with the amount of tragedy and suffering that has abounded recently. It seems as though everywhere I look people are losing loved ones and coping with struggles infinately greater than reason. It does not seem fair, and if there is a reason for it, some guiding force beyond this madness, it sure would be good to know what that is.

Sadly, we don't know. We leave it up to fate, God, Mother Nature, the stars, whatever you believe in (or don't believe in) to look out for our fragile beings, and the uncertainty of our paths prevails. One just never knows what can happen at any moment, and this truth scares the crap out of me. I try to find solace in the precious moments when the sun shines on my face, or my child sleeps in my arms to know that although life may be fragile and fleeting, we are blessed to be here together.