Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bleeding Money and Preparing for an Exciting Future

So Jon and I are buying a house! So exciting and so huge and so fantastic. And also so expensive it's mind blowing. The house is beautiful, it's pretty much everything I've ever wanted in a house, and I am keeping every cross-able body part I have contorted in hopes that everything goes smoothly with the sale. There are so many hassles and areas of red tape, it surprises me that anyone is ever able to buy and sell a home, it feels almost impossible. The amount to which you manage to bleed money in these house purchases (and sales, because selling my house has not been cheap) is astounding to me. I feel like every other day I have to come up with another pillowcase full of cash that I do not have. I am aware that it's not forever though, and that is making me not freak out about it too much. That, and the fact that I really want to live here:

92 Main St, Northfield, MA 01360

The most important part of this whole transaction is the part where Jon and I and our kids are moving in together. Brady Bunch for real. The transition is anything but easy, the personalities are flying, and the adjustment is emotionally complicated on many levels for everyone, but we are soldiering through it in the name of love. It feels worth it. It would be way too much work if we didn't really really love each other.

This week Jon and his two older kids begin to live with us in our house, we will crowd in for the next month until we close on the new house mid July. I am beyond ready for this to happen, the quasi long-distance relationship that we have going on right now doesn't work well for either of us, we are ready to put our stuff down and be home together. It may only be an hour drive right now, but with our work and kid schedules it often feels exhausting and complicated to execute. We have found so far that we work very well as a team, and we can be much more effective navigating the various life turns from the same ship. Not to mention the fact that I love him and I miss him terribly when he's not around. I have always been terrible at being by myself, I really don't like it. So, now that I've found my person in life, the urge to not be alone is ten million times stronger. I really just want to be near him.

It's kind of weird to blog about this truth, these feelings that run so deep and so wide, but why not share love when you have it. The world is full of so much of the terrible and the devastating, especially recently, so we all need to add a little love to it where we can.

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