Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Puppy Love!

Hooray for the newest member of the Cosme/Hartshorne family: our new dog Polly! She is 4 years old and has come to us from our New Jersey relatives who, despite loving her to pieces, did not have time to give her the care and attention she deserves. When I visited my aunt and her kids a few months ago, I casually joked "Hey, if you ever need a home for Polly we'd be more than happy to have her". Little did I know she would give that statement so much thought.

We have debated getting a dog for a long time, we've been ready for one but we were just not sure if we wanted to go the puppy route, the chewing and accidents make me feel tired just thinking about it. And then there is the issue of temperment. My friend recently had to find a new home for her dog after she bit her young son, what a devestating decision for a family to have to make. We were wary of getting a rescue dog for the same reason.

Polly has already proved herself to be a perfect fit for our family. She is unbelievably good natured, has never growled or barked at anyone, let alone a child, and is housebroken. We've taken her for 5 walks in the two days she's been with us and everyone is tripping over themselves to cuddle her. Canine success! Thank you to the lovely cousins who knew that this would be a great home for Polly, we are so happy with her!

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