Friday, September 9, 2011

The Rise of the Half-Mullet

Oh crap, Sof has discovered scissors.

This past week she found a pair in my car and snipped out a nice handful of hair from the left side of her head. Fortunately her hair was long enough that I could sort of comb it over and hide the bald spots. Not so after today, when she came across another pair of scissors at my friend's house and quickly hacked off the whole left side, leaving just the long rat-tailesque back partying all the way down.

So I waltzed her over to our local hairdresser and she insisted on having the full wash and cut experience (and who could blame her really?) The hairdresser Tracy did her best to even out the do, but in an effort to keep her hair long in the back she seems to have created a mullet monster, and now she just looks like a boy from the early nineties. NKOTB anyone?


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  2. I'm not sure how you can salvage this. She is probably too little for a pixie cut. I guess you'll have to introduce girly barrettes and headbands in to mask the do (like we did when you cut my hair in high school!!).

    Her original cut would totally be in style in the 20 something hipster crowd of Williamsburg Brooklyn. Maybe she could do a sabbatical there until it grows out. As long as you're okay with her coming home with an ironic tattoo. Maybe the she-mullet isn't so bad after all.