Sunday, December 18, 2011

Visions of the Tropics

Every year I survive the harsh New England winter by planning my escape. I begin as soon as the first fall leaf hits the ground, and by the first snowfall I have become thoroughly consumed by the desire to head for a warmer climate. I frantically scour the internet for deals and ideas of where to find sun, beach, and general good times, and by March I am ready to pack up the kids and head south.
Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico, puerto rico
Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico
This year I have been all over the map with ideas for our winter journey, and I have finally become hooked on Puerto Rico. I have spent way too much free time investigating a fun and affordable way to cozy up to this island paradise, and I think it may be our next venture.

I am looking into the eastern coastal town of Luquillo, rentals are cheap, the beach is said to be kid-friendly, and the pictures sure do look appetizing. If anyone knows anything about this area, or Puerto Rico in general, I would love a little advice. Big drink in a pineapple, here we come!
Luquillo Beach

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