Thursday, April 18, 2013

Virginia Beach: Wish I Was There

We have spent this week along the glorious shore of Virginia Beach. I think for years I associated Virginia Beach with some kind of honky tonk haven for crop tops and mullets. I'm not sure why that is, it couldn't be farther from the truth. Perhaps I have mistaken it for somewhere else (Hampton beach perhaps?). I don't know. The reality is that Virginia Beach is a lovely little stretch of Atlantic with a lively and upbeat atmosphere, something I had no idea I was missing.

I would love to be out strolling the beach on this glorious sunny April morning. It's about 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, a vision for the sunbathers and shell seekers milling about out my hotel room window. The beach is almost deserted, I could have it all to myself if not for the sick child occupying the other half of my suite. Poor Nay has a stomach bug, and he is all but comatose today, so his mommy is confined to the indoors and the small oceanfront balcony that gives me the glimmer into the frolicking and smiling that is happening down below.

I have to be honest about why this sick-on-vacation scenario is really not as bad as it could be. First of all, I am traveling with another mom. A competent, been-through-that mother who has scurried my other child away to play mini golf so that I might lie around here eating pizza and watching catch up episodes of The Voice while Nathan moans away in the next room. One of the best things about Ainsley is that she is totally flexible and very understanding. She doesn't care at all that we have to spend another night here when we should be back on the road home, and thank god for that because I don't think getting in the car with this weak little person would be possible right now. Kudos to her good sportsmanship in this rough and tumble game of mothering.

The other reason this doesn't suck as much as it could is the fantastic Holiday Inn and Suites Resort in Virginia Beach. Let me give this amazing hotel the shout out they deserve. Here's why they rock:

1. They had no problems with us extending our check out, and then deciding to just not leave at all. No hassle, just hang around as long as you'd like.

2. They have free washers and dryers. Boo-ya. The kids clothes have started to smell a lot like pee. And I'm out of underwear.

3. I am in a suite, and it's cheap. That means that there is a door between my sleeping sick child and the cackling away of my laptop, and we are all very comfortable. Plus the view is outstanding.

4. They brought me lots and lots of towels, new bed sheets, and a razor to shave my legs. Hallelujah. 

5. Kids eat free. This is bitchin'. We have five kids with us (well, only four who can eat right now, but you get my drift). I hate spending money on tiny chicken nugget meals only to have them picked at with a disgruntled little face and then turned away from. Hooray for free food.

So here I am until further notice. Holed up with my laptop and a view of the water. Not really the end of the world, but I hope my little guy is feeling better soon so he can get back in the action before it's time to wind our way back home.

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