Saturday, August 27, 2016

Waiting To Be Home Again

I sold my house, hooray! It was sad but joyful at the same time. Jon and I were ready to be done with that house, ready for a fresh start that we create together, and too small for our blended family. I just realized that my last blog post (long ago, I am quite negligent!) was about the first house we tried to buy, which tanked when the sellers didn't want to delay the closing due to a bank issue with my house sale. So we lost that wonderful house, which was a big disappointment, but we didn't have much time to pull ourselves together and find another house that would fit our huge family, so we had another offer in on an equally beautiful, if not more so, property two days later. And away we go!

But not so fast... due to the sudden change of property we have now found ourselves with our belongings sausaged into a storage unit and bunking up at my mom's house while we wait for the closing on what we have dubbed "The Pillar House". Hopefully if all goes well that closing will happen next week, and we should be moving once again. I am kind of over moving, and (shocker) it has turned out to not be my favorite pass time. We will be living in the Pillar House for a very long time as I am not moving again for a long ass time. 

We are grateful to my mom for letting us invade her space (which is delightful for one person, I'm not so sure about 6) but we are ready to be in and starting our lives together. The past few weeks have been a jumble of packing, moving, roadtrips (because nothing to make a move more interesting than to throw a week-long 3400 mile journey into it!) and chaos. This week our kids start in four different schools, so time to figure out where we packed their back packs and get moving in that direction. We can't wait to be settling in, and we can't wait for you to come visit!

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