Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Best Day Ever

Three days ago I married my best person. It was the best day ever. We planned it in a month, gave almost no time to prepare and/or stress out over the minute details, and we didn't invite a million people (given that we held the event in our living room), and it was the perfect day. Live streaming over Facebook allowed our far away family and friends to view it from their living rooms and feel like they were with us, and allowed us to feel less guilty about the last minute plans.

Our friends and family brought all the food and drink, we did little to prepare in advance, and we had the most fun imaginable. It was an absolutely magical night, filled with more love than we ever dreamed possible. Getting married as adults with blended families changes the face of marriage into a beautiful swirl of emotion and vows. Vows to our kids to be good to them and one another, vows to love and care for each other without obligation, but out of a place of deep, genuine love, and vows to care for each other's children as our own. I can't believe how many people came up to me later and told me how touched they were by our ceremony. Everyone felt the love as much as we did.

The most beautiful surprises of the night were the toasts given to us by our children. None of them had planned to speak, but four of them not only spoke, but wowed with their elegant displays of open, vulnerable emotion. It felt like each of them was giving us their true blessing, a feeling that made Jon and me overjoyed. I have never, ever been so happy or felt so deeply in awe of our kids. These wise beings grace us with their presence daily, but we are sometimes too busy to notice just how lucky we are to have them. What an unbelievable day for love. My heart is overflowing. Thank you all.

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