Thursday, August 16, 2012

Angela 12/30/79 - 8/16/08

I am thinking about my good friend Angela Silva Wollman today. She was born in Brazil and came to Miami as a teenager. We met in Miami when we were 19, working together at a restaurant, and became fast friends. We were inseparable for most of my time in Miami, spending countless weekend nights out dancing Salsa (she was an excellent dancer and loved a party more than anyone I knew). I would stay at her apartment on Miami Beach and she'd make grilled cheese for breakfast and cafe con leche. No one made breakfast taste so good. 

Angela spoke 3 languages fluently, she worked 18 hour days at whatever job she had to try to push ahead. At 20 she married Michael Wollman, and gave birth to her baby girl Victoria at 22. She loved her daughter more than life itself, although she was not wild about being a stay at home mom. She always dreamed of having a career that she could be proud of, and after Victoria was in preschool she studied to become a massage therapist and went to work. I have never met a harder working woman. 

Angela gave everything she had to her friends and family. When I needed something she was always there for me, always an unconditional friend. She and her sister, Renata, were an inseperable duo, a Brazilian force to be reckoned with, beyond best friends. 

Angela died on August 16, 2008 at the age of 28, after a battle with B-cell lymphoma. Her family feels her loss everyday, as do I. She will be forever remembered for her infectious laugh, beautiful smile, and warm heart. Angela, it is with tears that I remember you on the day you were taken too soon. I love you, you are forever in my heart. 

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  1. WOWWWW Kate this its really beautiful i love it!!! As her sister i feel so proud to know that my Angela was just not "MY" and she just not live in my heart but in everybody that she knows maybe for just hours she allready make a beautiful change in that person's life ! Thank you Kate for all your love ! Good Bless you!