Saturday, August 11, 2012

Overdue Posting from a Negligent Blogger

No, I didn't say negligee, so don't get all excited (or horrified), I am a negligent blogger who, until about two minutes ago, forgot I even had a blog at all. My dad would be so disappointed in me.

Recently I feel like I can't keep up with the chaos of everyday life. Summer has been pretty easy for us, sleeping in, no rules to speak of, too much TV and junk food. But now the reality is setting in. I have become fat and lazy and my kids are like junkies hooked to the screen. It all sounds nice and relaxing but what we really end up with is a bunch of over-carbed, cracked-out, screaming monsters, yelling at each other all day and trashing the house as though someone was paying us to. Not good people, not good.

So Nathan realized first that he needed to get out of this hideous cycle, or maybe I realized it when the simple act of brushing his teeth became an epic battle. After cutting off all screen time priveledges he became so morose he wanted to get the hell out of dodge. So he asked me to sign him up for camp, and then he asked to stay at camp all day, and then to return the next week. Who the hell would turn down this opportunity? Seven hours of basketball and swimming to get us through the last dog days of summer. Yeah, we're going.

Sofie's summer stint did not work out quite so well. She begged me to let her go to gymnastics camp, and would not stop crying until I sought out the director and signed her up. Fortunately she let me give her a trial day before shelling out more cash for another questionable venture. So yesterday we gave it a shot. Sof lasted about 25 minutes, when halfway into the stretches she looked up at me (where I quietly watched for the mezanine, anticipating this moment) and said "Mom! I don't like this, let's go home!" Maybe we'll try again next year.

For now we eagerly await the start of school in just a couple short weeks. Time for someone else to boss them around for a while. Probably will be good for all of us.

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