Friday, December 19, 2014

A Graceful Beginning

I am delighted to report that earlier this week I was lucky enough to attend the birth of one of my closest friend's first baby, and what an extreme honor it was.

Working in the birth world I see women labor and deliver all the time, so much so that I probably take the miracle for granted sometimes, although I never get over the gorgeous sound of a healthy newborn baby crying for the first time. Maternity nursing is almost never boring, it keeps us on our toes and has us always examining the unpredictability of nature. Nothing pleases me more than watching a woman pull her infant up onto her chest, heaving a sigh of intense relief as she cradles her little one in her arms. That is all very wonderful, but this time was different.

 There is something so magical about being present for a birth when it's someone you really love. Your heart races with adrenaline as you secretly keep your fingers crossed and pray that everything goes the way it's supposed to, and that she won't end up like the women you occasionally see with complications or unexpected outcomes. The joy that I felt when that little person took her first breath was second to nothing. My beautiful friend easily brought her daughter into the world with a huge smile on her face, radiating with joy that was palpable. She was nothing but grace as she welcomed her girl into the world, and Grace is the name she gave her.

 My mind is still swimming with joy over being part of such an important life event. No matter how many times I help women through labor and birth, and how much I love and cherish my work, it will never compare to being there in that moment for someone so dear to my heart. I welcome her with loving arms into the circle of motherhood and all the powerful ups and downs that come with it, and with this birth I remember that life is a miracle each and every day.

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