Thursday, January 19, 2012

Girls' night: the unattainable dream.

I spent last night tucked on to a cozy couch talking about all things sex and child rearing. It was moms' night at my friend Lu's house. We try and get together at least every few months, waiting until our children are tucked into bed and then sneaking out into the cold winter night armed with champagne and brownies. We meet up at Lu's house to spend a couple of hours letting out our grievances and laughing about our various mishaps and parenting follies.

 Long ago, this was just a regular night hanging out with friends. Now it feels like the event of the year. When did girls' night become a momentous occasion unattainable more than three times a year?

Today I couldn't wake up. Went to bed late and got Nathan off to school late, the unfortunate side effect of a night out. Now Sofie and I are off to gym-and-swim. There is nothing I hate more than stripping down in the middle of winter, suiting up for the world to see my back fat and cellulite, and hopping into a heavily chlorinated, urine-soaked public pool for an hour. But the kid loves it, so off I go.

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