Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Welcome 2012! Here you are, there is no choice but to welcome you, time is slipping away and I can either jump on board or live in dread of the passage.

We spent New Years Eve at a fun party at my friends' farm in Whately. Ainsley and Dave created a kid and adult party wonderland in their greenhouse. Toasty warm with heaters blowing, music crowing on the stereo, hoers-de-oeuvres lining the tables, and champagne punch overflowing my glass. This party was not one to be missed. They had the kids' evening organized down to the last detail, with fun stations for kids to stop in a do an activity or two, a pinata, and impressive balloon drop to boot.

The kids ran around and stayed out of the parents' way while we feasted and chatted about. Great conversation, yummy food, good times. The only disappointment? We were in the car and on our way home (the last to leave) at 8:45. Ah, the joys of partying with young children. I'm hoping someday to stay at a party until the new year again, but I'm thinking I may have to wait a few years. That's ok with me, time can slow right on down and let me enjoy it...

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  1. You have it soooo right girl!! Blessings on the newest year. Besides, why the heck would YOU want to stay up to the wee hours for fun, seeing as you do it every weekend!!!! all love